My day begins listening/reading to two news flash; 1. Mr.Modi demonetizing Indian currency” and 2. American election results. Further reading on social media showed praises being showered on PM for his “bold act” and mixed reactions from the young and the old on Trump’s victory. Nothing much changes personally.  My schedule wasn’t disturbed a bit.  […]

Where it went wrong

You are born. The first thing one notices is how fair or dark your skin is. You are blessed by the old and the young. You are given a name. You are given a religion. If you are lucky you are brought up quite well where-in your diet includes all the proteins and vitamins. You […]


A few very-close relatives and friends of mine have settled in the US with their families. But all are staunchly patriotic, as far as their home country is concerned. They are quite determined and proud of retaining their Indian identity, or rather Malayali identity in spite of staying away from the Indian soil for the […]

Dreams Untold

She’s from a conservative-nuclear-family, and is young, dynamic, charming and intelligent. She’s fun-loving and chirpy. Anyone, from little kids to golden-aged prefers her presence for her sportive and zippy looks.  She is married off quite early, in her teens to a handsome young man who is professionally educated and who also have the privilege of […]

“Right School” and Other Stories

Come March, one tends to fret over many things. For me, it is usually the approaching summer with its dust, humidity, load-shedding and water crisis. I keep cribbing until monsoon sets in. For my friends in the business, it is the month of ‘year-end’ of round-the-clock office engagement, of stock-taking, of submitting financial reports, and […]

A Dizzying Prayer by the Toilet

A few months ago, a reputed college in Kerala invited us to put up a stall in their campus as they were hosting a National Seminar.  We accepted the invitation in glee and displayed our books. They happened to be wonderful hosts and treated us well. The place was hot and humid and by noon […]