A Twinge at a Feast

As a writer, topics of various kinds, criss-cross in our brains and at times gets clogged, until they tumble out onto a sheet of paper.  Most often, topics shoot out from day to day experiences.  At times, they are weird; many a time funny and sometimes depressive. Right now I am in an auditorium, (haven’t […]

Tea With a Pinch Of Melodrama.

A couple of days ago a friend of mine posted a status on Facebook, which triggered me to blog it up. The status was as follows, “A women’s dreams are like the kettle of water she puts on the stove early in the morning for tea, to soothe her growling stomach.  But amidst the hustle-bustle […]

Writing As a Cure

A few days ago while scrolling through my blog, to my pleasant surprise; I found a notification announcing the first anniversary of my blog.  It was then, that I realized it was a pretty long time since I scribbled down my weird thoughts. Well honestly, not attempting to jot down my feelings did make me […]


My day begins listening/reading to two news flash; 1. Mr.Modi demonetizing Indian currency” and 2. American election results. Further reading on social media showed praises being showered on PM for his “bold act” and mixed reactions from the young and the old on Trump’s victory. Nothing much changes personally.  My schedule wasn’t disturbed a bit.  […]

Where it went wrong

You are born. The first thing one notices is how fair or dark your skin is. You are blessed by the old and the young. You are given a name. You are given a religion. If you are lucky you are brought up quite well where-in your diet includes all the proteins and vitamins. You […]


A few very-close relatives and friends of mine have settled in the US with their families. But all are staunchly patriotic, as far as their home country is concerned. They are quite determined and proud of retaining their Indian identity, or rather Malayali identity in spite of staying away from the Indian soil for the […]