Are Men from Heaven ?

My friend, who has recently joined an institution to facilitate communicative English classes, was reading out one of the chapters from the prescribed text book. He paused, and with a bewildered stare, pointed to me the text he was holding and said, “Hey look at these lines” and I read it. We both were stunned […]

Three Musketeers

INSULT, all and sundry face at least once in their lifetime. Tackling that moment is one of the biggest challenges that one could ever visualize.  However, one has to be cautious as to the collateral damage that the ‘insulted’ one would bring around because of the unfamiliar change in their behavior effected by bitter experiences. […]

My Beloved’s Entry

Calicut was soaked in heavy, continuous rain for more than three days. Roads were clogged.  Vehicles were jammed, and the most impatient ones satisfied themselves with honks.  Those walking were drenched, while some rushed to catch the bus to reach home as early as possible.  People were anxious and wonder struck with the unexpected turn […]

A Twinge at a Feast

As a writer, topics of various kinds, criss-cross in our brains and at times gets clogged, until they tumble out onto a sheet of paper.  Most often, topics shoot out from day to day experiences.  At times, they are weird; many a time funny and sometimes depressive. Right now I am in an auditorium, (haven’t […]

Tea With a Pinch Of Melodrama.

A couple of days ago a friend of mine posted a status on Facebook, which triggered me to blog it up. The status was as follows, “A women’s dreams are like the kettle of water she puts on the stove early in the morning for tea, to soothe her growling stomach.  But amidst the hustle-bustle […]

Writing As a Cure

A few days ago while scrolling through my blog, to my pleasant surprise; I found a notification announcing the first anniversary of my blog.  It was then, that I realized it was a pretty long time since I scribbled down my weird thoughts. Well honestly, not attempting to jot down my feelings did make me […]