Are Men from Heaven ?

My friend, who has recently joined an institution to facilitate communicative English classes, was reading out one of the chapters from the prescribed text book. He paused, and with a bewildered stare, pointed to me the text he was holding and said, “Hey look at these lines” and I read it. We both were stunned and at the same time puzzled. It was pretty hard to accept the fact thatΒ Tata Institute of Social Sciences School of Vocational Education and All India Council for Technical Education can bring out such curricula?

Dear readers, have a look at the pictures. I am leaving the stage for you to comment.




5 thoughts on “Are Men from Heaven ?

  1. I am a firm believer that it will take only education to change this world. But these pictures have made me to reconsider my faith.

    I wonder about those who write such things; the world they had seen; the society they were surrounded with; the family they grew up in.


    1. Thanks again for giving a thought on that issue. It’s ridiculous that there still exists such kind of rotten thoughts! We women need to play a greater role and expose such filthy matters and bring a change.


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