My Beloved’s Entry

Calicut was soaked in heavy, continuous rain for more than three days. Roads were clogged.  Vehicles were jammed, and the most impatient ones satisfied themselves with honks.  Those walking were drenched, while some rushed to catch the bus to reach home as early as possible.  People were anxious and wonder struck with the unexpected turn of events.  As usual I waited and waved at the auto rickshaw to stop.  Quite unusual, none cared to stop.  My sangfroid turned into jittery. In spite of the rains I sweat.  Disgruntled at the erratic behavior of the auto rickshaws, I mumbled to myself, wondering what was making them ignore the public’s helpless situations.  School students were having an even worse time.  Some were fortunate enough to jump into the bus; a few others like me who think twice to avoid a fall or slip is unlucky.  The only solution was to wait with hope for the next public transport.   My thoughts whirled.  I wished I had a car of my own.  I cursed the auto drivers for ignoring us.  Finally, I further walked for 10 more minutes and crossed over to the next street with hopes. A couple of empty auto rickshaws zoomed before me, ignoring me totally. I muttered again, thinking of my own craziness!  I failed miserably even after the wait for another 15 minutes, despite the knowledge of the antics I possessed to stop the auto rickshaw.  I walked back to the place I stood first.  Finally, I dialed the number of an auto rickshaw driver I knew.  To my luck he answered in the affirmative.  He was only 10 minutes away from the place I was standing, and hence agreed to pick me up but I had to wait for  another 10-15 minutes more as the traffic was at its peak, along with the unabated rains.

To kill the waiting period I decided to get into the huge shop that was looking fixedly at me, which sold only electronics items. The shop displayed a deserted look. There weren’t many customers; probably the rains prevented people from going shopping. The couple of salesmen I approached were more focused on their smart phones. Poor guys, they had to spend the idle hours in one way or the other. The shop sold items from television sets to mobile phones.  I enquired if they had a radio? They did have a few.  I was even more surprised that some shops still catered to such demands of the public. I bought one, and by the time I paid the bill, the auto rickshaw arrived. I boarded with contentment – my wait, and my patience landed me with a radio which I was looking forward for many months; for it’s my beloved, my company when I am totally lost !


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