Tea With a Pinch Of Melodrama.

A couple of days ago a friend of mine posted a status on Facebook, which triggered me to blog it up.

The status was as follows, “A women’s dreams are like the kettle of water she puts on the stove early in the morning for tea, to soothe her growling stomach.  But amidst the hustle-bustle of preparing breakfast for the family, she forgets about it. When her stomach grumbles again, she pours the tea into a cup, hoping to have a sip as soon as she gets the chance to sit down and rest her aching back.  The cup too is forgotten in the midst of serving breakfast to the family (because even fully grown adults fall incapable of getting breakfast themselves when there is a “woman” in the house).  By the time she finally gets to her cup, the tea has gone ice-cold, and her stomach has cried itself to sleep.” These words, I feel, has multiple meanings, entwined with much emotion.

In fact my inspiration to write here came from my pure love for, and the reminiscence of, hot-piping tea.  I tried to re-collect when I actually started the habit of consuming tea so passionately. Whatsoever it may be, I have certain beautiful moments that I shared with my dad since I started my high school. We happened to be the only two people at home who relished hot-piping tea. Other than the bed tea, we had a 3.00 pm tea which I looked forward to and savored. My mom used to make sure that our tea didn’t get cold by announcing clearly and loudly that she was making tea – in other words it was an alarm for us both so that we be around and not crib for the tea getting cold. Unlike us other members in the family sipped their tea without much fuss and melodrama. Even today, whenever I visit my house, I don’t miss the 3.00 pm tea with my dad.  It has been 17 years I’ve been living independently with my husband and children. They have watched me enjoy the tea in a pensive mood, unstirred from my place, whatever the circumstances.  Through the years people in my family have come to accept the fact that I wouldn’t compromise on my tea. To all the tea-lovers here be they women or men or children, enjoy your tea and set your frame of mind for a bright day!


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