My day begins listening/reading to two news flash; 1. Mr.Modi demonetizing Indian currency” and 2. American election results. Further reading on social media showed praises being showered on PM for his “bold act” and mixed reactions from the young and the old on Trump’s victory.

Nothing much changes personally.  My schedule wasn’t disturbed a bit.  The kind of money transaction I did today was with the people who understood day to day political changes and were quite well-aware that we had time till Dec 31st to change the 1000/500 rupees note at the banks or post-offices. The autowalas I traveled with always frowned at 100 rupees note so I was always sure that I carry changes of 10 and 20’s or at the most 50’s. Hence, 1000/500 did not make an entry there!

Unfortunately, I was quite surprised when my house-helper came home quite early with an alarming story to share; In fact she had planned to run some errands today and so had informed me she would be late for work. She had to visit a physician with her 3-month old grandchild to get done with the polio vaccination.  Thus had saved a 1000 rupees note since a whole week to run her errands for today and the first place was the physician, where he politely denied accepting the 1000 rupees. She tried at the grocer’s to find any luck, where he too denied and with a smirk remarked, ‘aren’t you informed about the events that happened last evening?’ Only when I explained to her the whole story of “demonetization” did she understand!  She waits for the banks to function and until then her 1000 rupees currency will have a safe haven in her worn out purse!

The irony of the whole event is that people who are all fortunate to own a smart phone spent the day sharing/forwarding the jokes, memes and the trolls on both the events and were busy laughing at a screen that held the information which only put many of the people who belonged to the lower class in a dilemma and made them suffer in silence.






3 thoughts on “HOW MUCH IS 1000 RUPEES?

      1. Well, nothing was different. My dad went to banks keeping all other work at hold. My family started using Paytm, which they were refraining from in the start. This I would say was the positive impact of Demonetization. Other than that I witnessed and still witnessing long and laborious queues outside ATMs and banks.

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