Is Pink the “Darkest” Color ?

My interest in movies is much less than it is in books, especially fictions. However, I make sure that I watch some movies that really interest me to gain knowledge on the present cinema world. Living in Kerala, I have access to Bollywood, Malayalam and a few English ones. When I do watch I am very much glued to the screen, well-focused on every single dialogue and I do keenly observe the movements, the locations, the attire of every character etc. And of course I enjoy the music as well.

Every time I pass Crown theatre I glance at the huge billboards within the premises of the theatre. A Few days ago I saw the poster of Amitabh Bachchan with a title ‘PINK’. The title attracted me and I was quite curious to know what would be the story. For me the color pink connoted with women; if my daughter heard me say this I bet she would pounce on me for this sexist statement. Because she believes any color can go with anyone – male or female. Generally I make sure I watch a trailer via YouTube or Google for reviews before deciding to watch a movie. But for some reason I didn’t attempt either. I heard a few close relatives and friends’ comment, ‘beautiful movie’ or ‘a must watch especially by young girls’ or ‘a women-oriented movie’ so on and so forth. Hence, decided to go ahead.

It was only when I reached the theatres and settled myself in the well-cushioned seat that I noticed that the story was directed by Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury whose films I haven’t seen at all. But my hopes and expectations grew when I realized it was produced by none other than our Piku man, Shoojit Sircar. Once the movie ended I was engrossed in deep thoughts. For two days I kept analysing every aspect of the movie. When I began to write this my intention was to share my thoughts on certain striking aspects that I felt after watching. It looks like this write-up is coming out in the form of a review. I would like to split my thoughts on the movie Pink into 4 parts;

Pink in brief: Narrated in a linear manner. The first half of the film revolves around three protagonists, young working women, who are in a panicky state of mind. The tensed situation throughout the first half sends shivers down our spine. As the plot unravels, we understand that the three protagonists, Minal, Falak and Andrea were with a bunch of guys at a rock show. An unfortunate incident that night changes their lives forever. The tragedy that stuck that night ensued into a legal battle, which has been completely shot in a courtroom. That makes the second half of the movie.

From the beginning to the end the three protagonists maintained their panicky state for which I have to applaud them for doing justice to their role. The antagonists, who are portrayed as scoundrel -young boys did their bit too well. The director could have avoided the repetitive shots and could have brought in transitions and diversity in locations and angles of shot. Most importantly, the family background of the three protagonists’ wasn’t highlighted much; so the reality particularly about the north-eastern girl Andrea’s character was lost. Amitabh’s role was simply awesome especially his dialogue delivery. However, at some place I felt he was giving a speech at a school function.

Molestation: It’s an age old practice enjoyed by the perverted men be they young, middle-aged or old. And the victims often suffered in silence. But the movies of the millennium portrayed women reacting, and as always, a hero, generally a man, comes as a savior. Here, in Pink, the savior comes in the form of an advocate, the role essayed by Amitabh Bachchan. The perpetrator of the crime is a Man, and the protector too is a Man! Will the mindset ever change?

Man’s-Woman’s role in the society: Again it’s well-defined since time immemorial. However, today’s women have come a long way ahead by becoming independent emotionally, financially and physically. They prefer to live their life with an identity of their own. In this movie the life of the three young working women, who come from different places, sharing a flat together and dreaming big in the city, unfortunately takes a twist with an incident that happens one night. The movie highlights how the bad-mouthed people make nasty comments on women’s character and also how they use the opportunity to label a woman as cheap, slut, whore and so on for not conforming to the “set standards”. Being single, friendly, sharing a drink, outfits that expose a bit of a skin are some of the ‘hints’ that the men justify to molest women. Moral policing still continues unabated!

Jurisprudential debate: In the court-room scene, the antagonist is a ‘He’. He is brave, high-headed, shouts, and uses foul language to defend himself. And the protagonists are a ‘She’; of course she is brave and at the same time vulnerable, tries to explain her stand, but fails miserably and cries at the end. Are women only meant to cry? The virtual Rule Book of the Girls, which the hero, the saviour dictated with satirical sarcasms cheered up the audience, especially amongst the women. But again, it’s a clichéd one. Perhaps, our audience still needs motivation, inspiration and encouragement, hence its relevance today!

To conclude, I would suggest Pink is a beautiful movie worth watching. It’s definitely filled with contemporarily relevant social message. The only song in the movie with its touching melody added a rich flavor to the mood of the film. The movie reflected on the dubious attitude of the society. However, movie is an art form, wherein it has to bring some kind of novelty to entertain and at the same time send a strong message in between the lines. Or else, mere factual representations in a narrative form will only bring this movie into the status of a documentary film!


3 thoughts on “Is Pink the “Darkest” Color ?

  1. Well written review and no spoilers too!!!
    But what about the question? Is pink the darkest colour or does it fizzle out to be the normal, boring “girlish” colour?


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