Kolkata Musings on Grammar

What does the term ‘Grammar’ bring to our mind? Do you have something interesting to share on your grammar learning that you encountered during your childhood days or now (if at all you have attempted one)? Have the grammar Nazis’ embarrassed you at some point in your life? One fine evening, my dear friend, who […]

A Snippet from my Seagull School Diary

We, Seagull students, were fortunate to have with us Ros Schwartz, a well-known English literary translator. She translates Francophone literature into English. She entered the cozy, beautifully designed Seagull schoolroom with a wide, charming smile. We couldn’t resist ourselves from returning that beautiful smile and looked forward to what she had in store for us. […]

Making Sense of Me Beyond the Borders

It was 4.00 am on August 14, 2018.  I frantically woke from a deep slumber. The downpour was violent and scary.  The ensuing couple of days witnessed torrential rainfall of the sort that the state of Kerala had not witnessed in a hundred years. It was frightening indeed and resulted in massive flooding all over […]

Ramadan: The Retrieval of Spirit

The reverie on fasting on Arafat (the day before Bakrid) which falls on the 21st of this month reminded me of the Ramadan musings I jotted down in my journal during the month of Ramadan. But then I didn’t feel determined to publish it on my blog. When I re-read what I had scribbled down […]

Publisher at a Hideaway

We dream of bringing readers, book-distributors, and independent publishers together so that the community of serious readers out-number the community of hard-core pseudo-intellectuals, who while away their time preaching nonsense; policing morality; and targeting and attacking women.

Faith on a Platter: Travel Musings

Summer has set in.  Seasonal changes followed by health issues are inevitable. One whole week of medication for throat infection, fever and cold drained my energy. And hence I desperately needed a change from my routine. I also missed my folks badly, so instantly I decided to visit my home-town, Parkala However short or long […]