Making Sense of Me Beyond the Borders

It was 4.00 am on August 14, 2018.  I frantically woke from a deep slumber. The downpour was violent and scary.  The ensuing couple of days witnessed torrential rainfall of the sort that the state of Kerala had not witnessed in a hundred years. It was frightening indeed and resulted in massive flooding all over […]

Ramadan: The Retrieval of Spirit

The reverie on fasting on Arafat (the day before Bakrid) which falls on the 21st of this month reminded me of the Ramadan musings I jotted down in my journal during the month of Ramadan. But then I didn’t feel determined to publish it on my blog. When I re-read what I had scribbled down […]

Publisher at a Hideaway

We dream of bringing readers, book-distributors, and independent publishers together so that the community of serious readers out-number the community of hard-core pseudo-intellectuals, who while away their time preaching nonsense; policing morality; and targeting and attacking women.

Faith on a Platter: Travel Musings

Summer has set in.  Seasonal changes followed by health issues are inevitable. One whole week of medication for throat infection, fever and cold drained my energy. And hence I desperately needed a change from my routine. I also missed my folks badly, so instantly I decided to visit my home-town, Parkala However short or long […]

Are Men from Heaven ?

My friend, who has recently joined an institution to facilitate communicative English classes, was reading out one of the chapters from the prescribed text book. He paused, and with a bewildered stare, pointed to me the text he was holding and said, “Hey look at these lines” and I read it. We both were stunned […]